5 Tips for Future Doctoral Students

I’m 27 years old yall! What an age! My parents had me at 27. I always thought this would be the age that I have my first child as well, but it is not in the plan for me right now. And I am so fine with that. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy? Well, I... Continue Reading →


Feels like Magic

Yallllllll! I’ve been gone for a minute! Two months to be exact, but I’m back and I have much to share. First off, let me just say that mental health days are extremely important. I took a mental health day today because I have been so overwhelmed with school. I think it’s gotten so bad... Continue Reading →

Starting Anew.

I have finally made it to Houston! After a very long and stressful 18-hour drive, I have touched down in my new home. Of course, I split the 18 hours into a few days (or weeks). My first stop was in the Music City, which is a six-hour drive from Columbus. Honestly, I did not... Continue Reading →

I’ve started my road trip to Houston, and my first stop was Nashville. I am still here and I have been having such an amazing time. My last month in Columbus, OH was difficult though. Initially, I had this idea of how I wanted it to go. I wanted to participate in every festival, eat... Continue Reading →


“Relationship” has been the magic word in my life. I promise that I may have heard or read that word every day for the last month in the context of romance, family, friends, acquaintances, or networking period. It has been everywhere; therefore I have been forced to examine those I currently have in my life.  I... Continue Reading →

Fill the silence.

You know how people say you shouldn't bring "politics" into the workplace? Well, I totally disregarded that today and I ain't sorry! In today's employee meeting, we discussed Medicaid, and how as an advocate for our clients, we are to ensure that their every need is met. So, one of my coworkers... You know what?... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why I Love Summer

In exactly seven weeks from today, we are moving to Houston! I am so excited, yall. I mean like I am already looking for end of the summer activities to do our first week there.We have almost everything taken care of as far as preparations, and are just counting down the days now. In the... Continue Reading →


I was a part of a circle that allowed me the opportunity to begin mending the trauma I have experienced. Trauma that’s been passed down generationally. Trauma that was inflicted upon me. Trauma that I have inflicted upon myself. There was a spiritual guide there who supported us in the beginning of our restoration. The energy felt by being in that group of black women was magnetic, supportive, inspiring, and secure.

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